Chameleon X  
  The Nifty Rock-Scissors-Paper  
  Admiral Strudelding Wheel  
  Admiral Strudelding Clock  
  Admiral Strudelding Match  
  Admiral Strudelding Propeller  
  Admiral Strudelding Helicopter  
  The Stupid, Stupid Viking Chicke  
  Motty-Mole Travels to Greenland  
  The Fart That Got Homesick  
  Small Talk - Great Wisdom  
  The Fathing and the Willow Herb  
  The Fallywob and the Wobbyfal  
  The Weathercock and the Scarecro  
  The Snowman Minik and the Martia  
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Welcome to my presentation of games and books


Chameleon X

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Chameleon X is a game that got it all: it has an element from jigsaw puzzles, it demands strategic thinking and you also need some of luck from the die. The game has two colour schemes: vivid colours and discrete colours.

In Chameleon X you first have to place pieces on the blue start square(s) and after that on all the white squares. Every piece must be placed in extension of another piece. The pieces must be placed in such a way that they have matching surface of contact colour in relation to every surrounding piece.

Caution: Chameleon X might be a bit addictive!



The Nifty Rock-Scissors-Paper Board Game

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The Nifty Rock-Scissors-Paper Board Game is based on the worldwide known hand game rock-paper-scissors. A few rules have been added and the game has been transformed into an exciting little board game. You have to conquer your three “target squares” with the symbols rock, scissors and paper and at the same time stop your opponent from conquering his.

The game has three difficulty levels: Easy peasy, Expert and Zen master and you can choose from three different colour schemes.

Rock-paper-scissors hasn’t been so much fun since - ever. It almost makes the “old analog” version redundant:-)



Admiral Strudelding Invents the Wheel
               Available on Amazon

This is the almost-true story of how Admiral Strudelding invented the wheel in order to help the stork build a stork nest.



Admiral Strudelding Invents the Clock
               Available on Amazon

This is the almost-true story of how Admiral Strudelding helped the cock to remember to crow at seven o’clock by inventing the clock.



Admiral Strudelding Invents the Match
               Available on Amazon

This is the almost-true story of how Admiral Strudelding invented the propeller in order for the hens to lay eggs again so Strudelding and Strudeldog could be on holiday.




Admiral Strudelding Invents the Propeller
               Available on Amazon

This is the almost-true story of how Admiral Strudelding invented the propeller in order for the hens to lay eggs again so Strudelding and Strudeldog could be on holiday.




Admiral Strudelding Invents the Helicopter
               Available on Amazon

This is the almost-true story of how Admiral Strudelding invented the helicopter so he and Strudeldog could put an eagle’s egg back in the eagle’s nest.



The Stupid, Stupid Viking Chicken
               Available on Amazon

The other chickens think that the chicken Charles fantasises too much for his own good. When Charles finds a wooden stick and claims that it is in fact a Viking sword and that his knit cap is in fact a Viking helmet, they are no longer in doubt: Charles has to be the stupidest chicken in the world. It doesn’t make it any better that he puts on an eye patch and claims that it is a real Viking eye patch. But one day, the fox turns up in the village, and the stupid, stupid Viking chicken performs a courageous act that makes the other chickens look at him in a quite different way. Perhaps it isn’t that bad having a good imagination and daring to be different …




Motty-Mole Travels to Greenland
                Available on Amazon

 Motty-Mole travels to Greenland using his magical travel-port. He is looking for someone who needs the metal tip for an ice tuck. You can chop a hole in the sea ice using an ice tuck in order to be able to stand on the ice and fish. In Greenland Motty meets sweet animals. Some of the animals are hard to spot because they look like snow and rocks. None of the animals needs an ice tuck, but perhaps Pavia needs it. Unfortunately Motty drifts out on the sea on an ice floe, but luckily Pavia comes rowing in his kayak and saves Motty. Pavia gets the metal tip for an ice tuck and Motty gets a train-oil lamp, which he can use in his living room.





The Fart That Got Homesick
               Available on Amazon

An ordinary Tuesday a fart comes out in the big, wonderful world. It enjoys experiencing the woods and lake and all the animals. When evening comes it finds out that it has gotten homesick. It has to wait until the next day to find its way home, and it has to spend the night in a dark cave. The next day it asks several animals if they have farted the fart. The fart gets very sad because on one will acknowledge the fart. Neither the bees nor the ant or the cow or the fish have farted the fart. When it looks the darkest and the fart is realizing that it most likely is homeless for ever, the fart gets a pleasant surprise…




Small Talk - Great Wisdom

               Available on Amazon

This is the world seen from the point of view of a one year-old. This book is full of humorous observations and “quiet logic.” Here is also a presentation of some of the strange animals that habitat our planet, and you will find the real explanations to some of the strange expressions used by grown-ups. Here you will also find out if all people from Leeds are cute and why penguins aren’t the brightest of God’s creatures. This book brings you closer to the truth about ... everything.

 The book has already got the first review: “It’s funny.”

                                                                      My father.  



The Fathing and the Willow Herb

               Available on Amazon

After the nasty horrorsty had stolen the fathings’ most precious flower, the Willow Herb, the country of the fathings is fading. The music instruments can’t be played right, the birds don’t sing anymore, and the colours are fading. That’s not all—the stories are forgotten, and the fathings can’t dream any longer.

Stories, dreams, and knowledge of the fathings’ history are necessities in order for the fathings to live their lives to the fullest. This the fathing understood. No one dared to do anything. But one morning, it became clear to the fathing that she had to try to bring life back...




The Fallywob and the Wobbyfal

               Available on Amazon

The fallywobs and the wobbyfals are two people that enjoy life together. They live in the hills and they love to go swimming in the lakes, to go fishing on the sea and to go for walks in the woods and listen to the birds singing. In “The fallywob and the wobbyfal” the brook feels a bit under the weather and the two friends the fallywob and the wobbyfal can see that the brook is smaller than it used to be and doesn’t gurgle as clear and happy as it used to do. The fallywob and the wobbyfal go upstream along the brook to solve the mystery...




The Weathercock and the Scarecrow

               Available on Amazon

For a hundred years the weathercock has been standing on top of the farm tower but he is bursting with new ideas. One day he decides to face the opposite direction of the wind direction- on top of that he starts flailing his wings and eventually he takes off and lands in front of the scarecrow in the field below. When the scarecrow finally realizes that she can walk and talk they become friends. The two friends decide to make a journey to visit the rainbows. They are convinced that the rainbows live in Northumberland. To be on the safe side they take a vote beforehand and this voting business is not quite as simple as one would think!...




The Snowman Minik and the Martian Snowwoman

               Available on Amazon

In this lovely story, the snowman Minik has a visit from a Martian snowwoman who comes flying in, in a giant doghouse. Her spaceship is running low on northern lights, and she has to land for a refill. Luckily, the northern lights are plenty in Greenland, but she has to wait until it gets dark to harvest them with her Martian fireflies. It turns out to be an exciting day; Minik invites her for a ride to the glacier in a dogsled. At the glacier, they have inland ice—inland ice is the favourite food of all snowmen and snowwomen... 












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